Insights for Marketing and Communications

Hiring Trends and Evolution of Roles:

  • Brand Building, Vision Setting and Internal Communications are morphing o be the “must needed “skills for a true marketer.
  • There has been an insurgence of budget increases as Financial Services firms continue to invest in Marketing Automation.
  • Digital Marketers are in high demand and with real budget increases, this allows the financial firms to implement more marketing automation.
  • Content creation and product strategy are still kings. However, this is still a challenge due to a real lack of creativity in producing engaging product content for both Advisors and Clients.
  • Social media are still continuously used to target demographics and email continue to be two channels that are constantly growing as firm’s fine tune their messages and create more personal communication.
  • Firms are thinking more creatively in targeting industry leaders with the understanding that they have the creative DNA to continue to drive marketing and content strategy.

Compensation Trends:

  • Compensation trends are becoming more competitive in this space as firm’s begin to invest in building out marketing and communications platforms.
  • Firms are constantly trying to figure out how they track revenue against marketing budget and how that translates into real revenue.
  • Senior Marketing roles, Chief Marketing Officers desire more of a “voice” as well as a “seat at the table” which has typically not been the norm. This trend leads to creative types to ‘own’ more of the strategy and less real assets.

Candidate Considerations:

  • Financial Services firms must have the commitment to investing in marketing across all platforms and the budget increases are helping them attract and retain true creative talent.
  • Considerations around long term career path – do these marketing/communications roles all flow into a Chief Marketing position? These roles are continuing to evolve as clients and advisor become increasingly more social media focused.
  • Are all areas of the organization supportive and on board with new initiatives?
  • Employees/Candidates willing to walk away from firm’s that are not fully committed to building out solid marketing teams and lack of real leadership with the CMO.