Finding the Next Generation of Investment Leaders

Role: Confidential Project in Municipal, Emerging Market Debt and Infrastructure Investments

Our client is a multi-billion US-based asset management firm with products in multiple equity and fixed income strategies. The CEO engaged us in a highly confidential project to identify and cultivate relationships with the next generation of investment leaders in three specific strategies: municipals, EMD and Infrastructure. The genesis of the project was a recognition that bench talent in the existing teams was not capable of leading the firm in the future and that performance was lagging in all three areas.


Because of the highly confidential nature of the assignment the most significant challenge was approaching investment professionals while sharing limited information. We developed relationships with top investment talent in the specific strategies and engaged these individuals with the project while sharing all relevant biographical and performance information with the potential outcome of meeting with the CEO.

Strategy and Result

Using a combination of investment databases and our network, we were able to identify the top 25 performing products within each strategy. Working with our client to refine this list we were able to produce a thorough market mapping of the competitive landscape. In a series of bi-weekly updates, we identified individuals and teams within each strategy resulting in select introductions and meetings with the senior leadership of the firm. We continue to work with this client on a variety of projects and assignments within the investment space.