A Methodical Approach

Role: Chief Audit Executive

Our client is a leading provider of securities brokerage services and technology-based financial services to retail investors and business partners. Utilizing their online platform and national branch network, our client manages over $600 billion in assets for nearly six million client accounts and provides custodial services for more than 4,000 independent registered advisors. The client was in search for a new Chief Audit Executive who had experience in leading transformation, implementing new methodologies, upgrading talent, tools and overall effectiveness of an internal audit function within the brokerage industry.


As a report to the Audit Committee of the Board of Directors, it was necessary for the leader to bring subject matter expertise, a clear vision and executable plan to ensure the function would operate at a level considered “leading and innovative” by industry standards. As a market leader in the brokerage space, there were only a handful of direct competitors similar in size and scope to recruit candidates from. Moreover, the location of competitor firms were primarily in major metro areas and Midwest relocation was a non-starter for many target candidates.

Strategy and Result

Outside of identifying audit executives from direct competitors, we knew we needed to expand the pool of candidates. Our strategy was to mine from other control and corporate functions such as risk, compliance, legal and finance as well as identifying risk and control thought leaders within the top consulting firms focused in the brokerage industry. With a methodical search approach coupled with our deep network across financial services, we were able to successfully place a seasoned executive with both audit and business line leadership experience with ties to the Midwest.