Executive Leadership is Critical for Long-Term Success

Today’s banking environment is one that remains filled with pressures to meet increased regulatory demands and reduce costs through operational efficiencies, yet drive revenue through advancements in products, services and technology. There’s an incredible demand for leaders who can break down silos and manage people through transformational efforts that seek to optimize systems and create customer solutions that are more holistic, but simplistic and transparent. To successfully discover and attract these types of visionary leaders, clients rely on Charles Sterling Group’s competitive intelligence, market knowledge and years of experience providing dedicated services for the banking sector.

At Charles Sterling Group, we work with organizations ranging from large global money centers and super-regional banks to community banks who have chosen us to be their strategic partner in their efforts to improve their leadership teams. We understand the pressures bank executives face because of the financial crisis, and know how to identify higher quality leaders who can lead people through change and positively affect relationships with board members, shareholders, clients or regulators.

Coverage Areas:

  • Global Transaction Banking – Treasury and Investor Services
  • Commercial Banking
  • Shared Services
  • Private Banking and Wealth Advisory
  • Small Business and Middle Market Lenders
  • Credit Card Companies
  • Mortgage Banks

Successful Engagements

Chief Accounting Officer, American broker offering common and preferred stocks, futures, ETFs, option trades, mutual funds, fixed income, margin lending, and cash management services

Global Head of Credit Risk Review, Financial services unit in U.S.-based conglomerate

Global Head of Audit Risk, Financial services unit in U.S.-based conglomerate

Head of Global Payments and Liquidity Risk, American multinational banking and financial services holding company

Vice President of Marketing, One of the largest private banks in the United States

Head of Counterparty Credit Risk, Global financial services organization providing investment servicing, asset management, trading and securities lending services

Group Controller, American multinational banking and financial services company

Vice President, Global Treasury Risk Management, Highly diversified global financial services holding company

Chief Compliance Officer, Exchange-Traded Funds, American financial services company providing investment management, asset and fund administration, fiduciary and banking services globally